Jubilee Clip 00 304SS 13-20mm

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The most versatile of clips in the Jubilee® range, our Original Range Jubilee® hose clips in 304 (18/8) stainless steel are widely used across all industries where hose clips are used to secure hoses, as well as for other applications. Their corrosion resistance enables their use in the marine, oil and gas and food sectors, as well as the agricultural, hardware and industrial sectors, where higher corrosion resistance is required.

The original Jubilee® Clip, the product that started it all! For the vast majority of applications this sturdy worm drive hose clip is ideally suited. Available as a mild steel zinc protected or stainless steel clamp in both 304 (18/8) and 316 (18/10) grades of stainless steel; this product also has a band that is continuously threaded enabling extra flexibility when adjusting the clip to the correct size. The smooth inside profile of the band and rolled edges give protection for all types of hoses including soft hoses made from rubber or silicone.

All our original Jubilee® Clips are independently tested by the British Standards Institute (BSi) and carry the British Standard Kitemark™, which is universally regarded as the most stringent Standard there is for a hose clip. Both grades of stainless steel clips are also accredited by Lloyd’s Register for marine use.

For our ranges of worm drive hose clips, Jubilee® never use mixed materials, as this ensures highest levels of corrosion resistance, whereas when using mixed materials, such as in W2 hose clips, one material will be sacrificed in favour of another and will corrode much quicker than when only one material is used.

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