Today, we review the Ova-8 water fed poles. At water fed pole we are passionate about bringing you the latest in pole design. All reviewed products are available from our water fed pole store.

The ova-8 pole is making quite a splash in the industry at the moment. It has rendered all other water fed poles ‘last generation’. The Ova-8 water fed pole range as thrown away the old round design and started afresh. The ova-8 team prototyped many shapes and landed on the oval. The oval design removes many of the design flaws associated with round water fed pole.

Oval, Not Round

The biggest issue with round water fed poles is rotation or spinning. No matter how hard you try, what clamping system you use or develop across the life of the pole the section cannot be both clamped yet free moving on release of the clamp. The Ova-8 puts this issue to bed. Being oval each section is captive, simply put each section cannot spin, which substantially reduces pole wear.

When designing an anti rotational oval shaped pole, it was discovered that an additional feature was provided – Stiffness

The two flat sides of the OVA8®️ telescopic pole adds more stability and therefore more control for the operator, a huge “safety plus“. Any experienced operative will tell you how dangerous and annoying a spinning pole section or sections are. These flat sides will cancel out, that “whipping effect” either from moving a pole at height from one window to another, or bouncing off the glass motions. Operative’s are more productive and work safer, both to themselves and others around them.

All New Clamps

At water fed pole we were really impressed on the 2019 upgrade to the clamps. Each clamp is now sprung loaded and includes a high quality bolt and spacer, this ensures when you fasten the clamp that each section remains firmly in place, reducing wear.

Premium Carbon Fibre

Each pole is constructed of high quality carbon fibre. No glass or other material is used. This ensures the ova-8 water fed pole is both light and rigid. At water fed pole we were really impressed with quite how light each pole is, especially the 17’ ova-8 water fed pole. This really is the crown in the range. It is under a kilo and feels impossibly light.

Ergonomic Design = Better Grip

Holding any item in the hand for long periods can be painful. The OVA-8 water fed pole combines two flat sides, these sit more comfortably in the hand and allows the tips of the fingers to sit on the flat edge.

Research has proved that round poles leave an amount of material on the hand surface due to a tight grip and section movement whilst held. This is excessive carbon wear and is showing signs of a shortened working life.

Handling an OVA8 water fed pole, requires less of a grip to control the pole, either from pushing it up and down, or from firmly holding the base section to move the pole to the next window.

At water fed pole we decided to put this to the test we put the ova-8 water fed pole in the hands of 35 window cleaners. Every single window cleaner preferred the oval design to the existing round. They were all struck by just how light the pole was compared to current generation round water fed poles.

OVA-8 2.0 Head

At water fed pole we love the new ova-8 2.0 head. It is a real step up not only from the original ova-8 clamp but from any other water fed pole on the market. It is very easy to connect and disconnect the brush head and features a horizontal and vertical connector, perfect for Juliet balcony's.

Will it fit a uni-valve?

In short yes. Section one of the ova-8 is around 100mm shorter than all the remaining sections. This allows the Univalve to be positioned at the end of section one, sitting inside section two and the remaining pole hose through the remaining sections. When the pole is fully collapsed the Univalve will not be visible. This enables the uni-valve to work normally.