Water Fed Pole Systems

Window Cleaning Systems

At water fed pole we build the very best water fed pole systems and window cleaning systems. Our Complete water fed pole window cleaning systems are available to suite any budget. We relentlessly test every product and carry only those tried and tested parts. We provide backpack systems for those looking to start water fed pole cleaning or those looking for ultimate portability. We manufacture a range of trolley systems for those looking to upgrade from the backpack system. We also offer a range of premium van mounted water fed pole systems offering market leading build quality, reliability at a great price. Our van mounted system ranges from 150 liters all the way up to 1000 liters and come complete with a stainless steel frame and shell as well as with the ability to have a fully functional RO filter system in situ. Those expanding into multiple vans or wishing to produce the pure water offsite would benifit from our large 1000 or 2000 liter static systems, complete with transfer with hose and transfer pump.