Welcome to the all new water fed pole blog. We will publish regular reviews and just launched products. We work with all the major cleaning product manufacturers as well as manufacturing our own range of high quality window cleaning equipment.

We will shortly be reviewing the entry level Ecolite water fed poles and the new top end Ova-8 100% carbon fibre pole.

We will look at the shurflo pumps and find out why they are the best choice for window cleaners and why they should always be used in conjunction with a water fed pole pump controller.

Here at water fed pole we believe in giving all the information you need to maintain your system from changing filters to renewing resin.

We’ll look at the latest developments in traditional cleaning with Moernman who are pioneering new designs to make traditional window cleaning even easier.

Water softeners are a much talked about component in the purification process and we review the difference they make.

We also launch our ‘help’ section found within the product pages and from the bottom of every page. This will compliment the blog section and provide information on how to construct many items on the site and common faults.