Today, we review the Ova-8 water fed poles. At water fed pole we are passionate about bringing you the latest in pole design. All reviewed products are available from our water fed pole store.

The ova-8 pole is making quite a splash in the industry at the moment. It has rendered all other water fed poles ‘last generation’. The Ova-8 water fed pole range as thrown away the old round design and started afresh. The ova-8 team prototyped many shapes and landed on the oval. The oval design removes many of the design flaws associated with round water fed pole.

Oval, Not Round

The biggest issue with round water fed poles is rotation or spinning. No matter how hard you try, what clamping system you use or develop across the life of the pole the section cannot be both clamped yet free moving on release of the clamp. The Ova-8 puts this issue to bed. Being oval each section is captive, simply put each section cannot spin, which sub