Basildon Ultra Pure 2/4 Pure Water Station is live!


Ultra Pure Water

Through years of research and development we have launched our all new ultra pure Basildon water station. Built upon our standard Basildon water station we have enhanced the water purity all the way to 18 Mega Ω. Utilising nuclear grade resin. This makes it the UK's purest filling station and at 2.5p + VAT a litre it also makes us the cheapest. 

What does this mean for you? Well as the pure water is purer (parts per billion, rather then parts per million) it will displace more dirt, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently, especially on a first clean or particularly dirty car. 


24/7 automatic fill up

Safe, secure and there when you need it. Introducing water fed poles Basildon 24 hour filling station. It doesn't matter what industry you work in, normal working hours don't always apply. That's why we have built a bespoke